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Remote Control Users' Guide for Marantz Universal Remote

These pages cover the general operation of your Marantz RC5200, RC5400, RC9000 or RC9500 remote control, programmed by Hidden Connections, Inc.

Before we begin, please take the time to read everything on this page, as we cover some items that are important to you, the reader of this guide:

  • The graphics we're using for this tutorial are from the RC9500, which is the color version of this line of remotes. While the shape, size and colors of the touch screen icons may look different from yours, their operation remains the same; "Watch Cable" (or just "Cable") still turns the system on to the cable box, and "Play" still plays.

  • The touch screen is on a timer and will go dark after 30 seconds or so, to save battery power. To wake it up to the last screen you were looking at, simply touch anywhere on the screen once.

  • For the most part, we cannot change the way the source equipment operates. This universal remote is meant to replace all of the other remote controls that came with your equipment so you only have to deal with a single remote control. Therefore it cannot do anything the original equipment remote cannot do.

  • With that being said, we can, most of the time, find hidden "technician codes" for your equipment. Mostly, these are discreet ON and OFF codes. When such codes exist we can, and do, automate the turning on and off of your equipment as needed. If we cannot find these "technician codes", we will place power buttons on the remote for those pieces of equipment that need them.

  • As a customizable, programmable remote control, not all will look the same. As a result, these pages will cover the basic ways we program them. Yours may look different, have more buttons, perform certain custom operations, or even source devices not covered on these pages. If you require specific information for your remote control, please do not hesitate to call us at 510-865-3940. When calling, please mention which of our programmers performed the work on your remote.

  • Some of our remote controls use infrared (IR) to send the commands, others use radio frequency (RF) and still others use a combination of both IR and RF. Regardless of which is in use, your remote should display a "please wait" type screen when turning on your equipment (which is done by "stacking" a number of commands together in what is called a "macro sequence"). If you know you have an IR based system, please keep your remote pointed at the equipment until the "please wait" screen goes away, otherwise you may experience intermittent results with your remote control. On some of the newer models, we've included a one-second audible beep to indicate when the macro sequence is complete, that sounds when the "please wait" screen goes away. If you're certain you have a RF based system, you only have to keep the remote pointed at your equipment just for the first second or so, long enough for the remote to turn on, or off, your display device (plasma, LCD or television). If you wish to upgrade from an IR based system to a RF based system, please call Si at 510-865-3940.

The "Please Wait" screen looks something like this:

  • Always remember that the most important button on your remote control is the Home Button. By pressing this button, regardless of where you are, you will always return to the Home Page. Press this button to switch between devices (such changing from Cable to DVD), or if you ever find yourself on a screen you're not familiar with, or don't wish to be on. Pressing Cable from the Home Page, when already operating the Cable box will not cause anything to change -- it will simply give you back control of the cable box.

The home button looks like this:

  • When describing the remote control's functions and are referring to a button on the touch screen, the button name will appear like this.
  • When describing the remote control's functions and are referring to a hard button, located around the edges of the remote, the button name will appear like this.
  • Various HTML links, when you move your mouse over them, will change to appear like this.

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IMPORTANT notice if you're using Firefox version 1 or version 2 (version 3 works OK) as a web browser: Even if you're not using Firefox, you may want to look at this page for more information about your remote.

We have discovered that the "tooltips", those little pop-ups that appear when you hover a portion of the image, may not appear with their full text if you're using Firefox as a web browser. While you can use the Remote Control Users' Guide link (above) to navigate through our interactive users' guide (indeed, you will want to anyway to get even more information!), we have developed a separate page to fully document the remote control's hard buttons.

Last updated: September 4, 2009