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Operating systems and other internet software we can work with

While we can provide hardware to support most operating systems, we can also help you install, upgrade, network and fix these popular OS's [you can click on the graphic to go to the home page for that operating system]:

Windows 95 home page- Windows 95 - All versions - from the inital 0950 release all the way to OSR 2.5

Windows 98 home page- Windows 98 - All versions - first release and Second Edition

Windows NT Workstation home page Windows NT Server home page- Windows NT - Version 4.0 - all service packs

Windows 2000 home page - Windows 2000 Professional and Server (small to mid-sized installations)

Windows XP home page- Windows XP - Home and Professional versions

- Windows Vista - all versions1

- Apple's OSX and OS92

- Ubuntu LINUX distrobution3

Here are just a (very) few of the many internet applications we can help you with:

Internet Explorer home page- Internet Explorer web browser- All versions 4.0 and newer

Netscape home page- Netscape web browser- All versions 4.0 and newer

- Firefox web browser, all versions

AOL home page - America Online (AOL) - All versions 4.0 and newer - online service with e-mail

AOL Instant Messenger home page- AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) - All current working versions

ICQ home page- ICQ instant messaging / chat - All current working versions

Eudora (Qualcomm) home page- Eudora e-mail client - All current working versions

- Thunderbird e-mail client - all versions

WSFTP (Ipswitch) home page- WSFTP file transfer client - All current working versions

Agent (Forte) home page- Agent (and FreeAgent) newsgroup reader - all current versions

1 As of this writing ( June 8, 2007 ), we are not recommending Windows Vista as a good choice for an operating system, particularly in business environments.  Vista still has various compatibility issues with different pieces of hardware as well as some software applications.  Before upgrading to Vista , please call us!

2 Support to Apple's OX9 and OSX opertaing system is mostly limited to networking. Other services are rendered on a case-by-case basis. No hardware services are available.

3 Support for Ubuntu (and other LINUX distrobutions) is limited and is on a case-by-case basis.

Last updated: September 4, 2009