Hidden Connections

When off it's a mirror!

When on, you're watching TV!


Transform your TV into a work of art!

Make a bold, original statement. Bring art and technology together by adorning the vivid, high resolution images of your flat screen television with a custom designer art frame.

Custom, designer art frames
The custom frames provide beauty and functionality in less space, and at a fraction of the cost of custom cabinetry.

The frames are the unique, missing link which integrates your flat screen television into your room's decorative style. All wires are hidden inside the wall.

Mirrored surfaces
Frames can also be configured with a clear glass plate that transforms it into a reflective surface, like a mirror, when the television is turned off.

The remote control sensor is in the frame
Frames can be embedded with an inconspicuous Infra-Red Routing System™ that receives, amplifies, and transmits signals from a remote control to the sensor on the TV's bezel behind the frame.

Frame styles and materials
Frames can be fashioned in gold leaf, silver, light maple to dark mahogany, in styles ranging from traditional to modern, ornate to minimal.