Hidden Connections

Doing business in the Bay Area since 1985!


Our installers combined expertise in custom home theater and audio/video installations, over 100 years worth, is rarely matched anywhere in the industry, anywhere in the country!

From the small systems (cable box / satellite, DVD player, and LCD screen), to the large (whole house distributed audio/video systems and full blown home theaters), we will work with you to design the best solution for your home - and wallet.

Hidden Connections Advantages

  • We hide all wiring without tearing up the walls.

  • Certain speakers can be hidden and faux painted to disappear into the wall.

  • Personalized customer service by responsive and professional installers.

  • We explain your entire system to you in language you can understand.

  • We can program and integrate most equipment into a single, easy-to-use, universal remote control; all TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, CD players, and more! You'll never have to program another piece of equipment again. We work with you to make it as easy to use as possible.

  • We arrive on time with the equipment and materials necessary to do the job.

  • We do the job right, as promised.

  • We are neat and orderly; respectful of your space.

Our installers

Our installers are professionals and experts in creating the system you desire.

Since our field is constantly changing, our main goal is to remain state-of-the-art in order to deliver the highest quality technology and service. We attend many trade shows, lectures, and training sessions throughout the year so that we may always offer you the best advice and service!

Here we are attending a class on installation and programming of a NuVo Grand Concerto system, a whole house distributed audio system.

Installation example

Installation examples

Following are pictures of a plasma and an LCD panel, installed at Custom Kitchens in Berkeley, CA (http://www.customkitchens-ca.com/). Each has custom made wood frames.

The Plasma

Plasma TV



Above is a smaller installation, using a 32" LCD screen, DVD recorder, cable box, VCR, multi-disc CD player, and Yamaha receiver; all placed within the customer's entertainment center and all controlled by a customized Marantz RC9500 color universal remote control.

Custom TV install Custom TV install
Above is a larger installation with full 5.1 surround sound and high definition plasma.

We've installed this equipment into a wall-sized built-in entertainment center and integrated cable, VCR, DVD, the Elan whole-house audio system and various video game console into this system, all controlled by a customized Marantz RC9500 color universal remote control.

Custom TV install Custom TV install Custom TV install
Above are three example of Elan in-wall touch screen whole-house audio controllers.

The first example shows how we can align it with other controllers (such as those for lighting), the second shows how we can mount it in (almost) any space, and the third shows color matching with the walls.

custom installation custom installation
Another smaller installation, placed within a customer's cabinet.

The plasma, VCR and DVD player are placed within. The cable box is actually in the basement. It is all controlled by a customized Marantz RC9500 color universal remote control. The doors underneath the plasma can stay closed when watching the TV.


Above is an example of a "head end", where we place much of the equipment that controls the operation of various systems within the home.

In this picture, which is located in a closet off the garage, there are two rolling racks with the equipment that controls the phone system, internet distribution, whole-house audio / video distribution as well as cable boxes that feed rooms elsewhere in the home.